Advise: Gaining Time you're Losing

I want to begin this post with a picture. Has there ever been a moment where you stopped doing the activity you were up to and just took in the happenings, sounds, lights, colours, people, scents around you? I honestly haven't. Or if I have, then I can't recap a memory right now.

This post isn't exactly going to be a "How To: Blablabla" as I don't have any actual tips on how to gain time you're losing (I love the idea I had for this title), but I know moments in which I felt infinite. in Charlie's words: "And in that moment, I swear we were infinite." (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, p.39). Feeling infinite is a very, very precious emotion in my eyes, because we're basically living in a world where each day is meant to be somewhat productive for our future, to give ourself a meaning and some importance in the soup with over eight billion ingredients. (Got the metaphor?) I myself realize far too seldom how days, weeks, month pass and sometimes I could sum them up in a few sentences. Shouldn't we make each day count? Shouldn't we make each day memorable? Shouldn't we fill each day with moments who make us feel infinite?

Guess what? I think I should. I think you should. I think everyone in this world should slice off their tiny piece of infinity. What I mean by "infinity"? Well, have you ever experienced a moment in which you felt like the whole world stopped for you whilst it went on for everybody else (Which is the reason why I chose the picture above)? In which you zoned out and your focus lay on a single subject?
Named subject can be a car ride through a tunnel (You'll know what I'm talking about if you've read or watched "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", it's one of my favourite passages/scenes - and if you haven't, I'm sorry for my constant references but I simply do think this book is genius (and you can read more about my opinion on it here)) or a date with your favourite person, or a good laugh with one of your best friends, a sunset, a cool drink, your favourite meal, running through the woods, laying on a meadow, watching waves crash against rocks whilst feeling the warm sand beneathbetweenallover your toes, scenting flowers, finishing a good book...The list is endless because we all have our little infinities of which some might still wait to be discovered.

And I've just realized I could have made this post extra short because in the end, my conclusion is "Do something of what makes you happy each day." since I believe that our happiness turns time into a relative instance (although some people might claim it already is relative but let's not get into this debate, okay?). So I hope you've enjoyed my little ramble and drew a little essence out of it for yourself. Don't let yourself get dragged into the current without occasionally holding on to rocks.


Explore: Spring is in the Air

I know this post doesn't exactly suit the category "globetrotter" as I basically just had to leave the house to be in the vineyards, but I figured since not everybody lives in a region like this, I would just add it there.

Funny enough, I've never been a person to enjoy going for a walk as my parents do pretty much every evening when it's still sunny. Seeing the same landscape every time bores me at some point, but spring air, growing flowers and warm sunshine manage to drag me out every year. (It's the same in autumn, but let's stick to the actual season we're in.) Whenever nature begins its yearly cycle, I feel like starting all over as well. Which I mean quite literally, as the winter blues always gets me.
Something about the regularity of vineyards fascinates me and they are a good subject for a few photographs.
You can marry up there if you feel like it.
For some more impressions, check out my Flickr account!