Explore: Spring is in the Air

I know this post doesn't exactly suit the category "globetrotter" as I basically just had to leave the house to be in the vineyards, but I figured since not everybody lives in a region like this, I would just add it there.

Funny enough, I've never been a person to enjoy going for a walk as my parents do pretty much every evening when it's still sunny. Seeing the same landscape every time bores me at some point, but spring air, growing flowers and warm sunshine manage to drag me out every year. (It's the same in autumn, but let's stick to the actual season we're in.) Whenever nature begins its yearly cycle, I feel like starting all over as well. Which I mean quite literally, as the winter blues always gets me.
Something about the regularity of vineyards fascinates me and they are a good subject for a few photographs.
You can marry up there if you feel like it.
For some more impressions, check out my Flickr account!

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