Advise: Gaining Time you're Losing

I want to begin this post with a picture. Has there ever been a moment where you stopped doing the activity you were up to and just took in the happenings, sounds, lights, colours, people, scents around you? I honestly haven't. Or if I have, then I can't recap a memory right now.

This post isn't exactly going to be a "How To: Blablabla" as I don't have any actual tips on how to gain time you're losing (I love the idea I had for this title), but I know moments in which I felt infinite. in Charlie's words: "And in that moment, I swear we were infinite." (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, p.39). Feeling infinite is a very, very precious emotion in my eyes, because we're basically living in a world where each day is meant to be somewhat productive for our future, to give ourself a meaning and some importance in the soup with over eight billion ingredients. (Got the metaphor?) I myself realize far too seldom how days, weeks, month pass and sometimes I could sum them up in a few sentences. Shouldn't we make each day count? Shouldn't we make each day memorable? Shouldn't we fill each day with moments who make us feel infinite?

Guess what? I think I should. I think you should. I think everyone in this world should slice off their tiny piece of infinity. What I mean by "infinity"? Well, have you ever experienced a moment in which you felt like the whole world stopped for you whilst it went on for everybody else (Which is the reason why I chose the picture above)? In which you zoned out and your focus lay on a single subject?
Named subject can be a car ride through a tunnel (You'll know what I'm talking about if you've read or watched "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", it's one of my favourite passages/scenes - and if you haven't, I'm sorry for my constant references but I simply do think this book is genius (and you can read more about my opinion on it here)) or a date with your favourite person, or a good laugh with one of your best friends, a sunset, a cool drink, your favourite meal, running through the woods, laying on a meadow, watching waves crash against rocks whilst feeling the warm sand beneathbetweenallover your toes, scenting flowers, finishing a good book...The list is endless because we all have our little infinities of which some might still wait to be discovered.

And I've just realized I could have made this post extra short because in the end, my conclusion is "Do something of what makes you happy each day." since I believe that our happiness turns time into a relative instance (although some people might claim it already is relative but let's not get into this debate, okay?). So I hope you've enjoyed my little ramble and drew a little essence out of it for yourself. Don't let yourself get dragged into the current without occasionally holding on to rocks.

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