Think: 15 of my Favourite Feelings

Admittedly, I didn't come up with this idea on my own, I've seen a YouTube video on Essiebutton's channel (She is one of my favourite YouTubers ever!) and felt like it was a nice idea to get in the writing flow again - haven't really felt like blogging in the past weeks...or months...you'll have noticed, aha.

So here we go, these are 15 of my favourite feelings! I could go on with this list for ages, so I just named the ones that popped up in my head first. Be prepared, it's getting cheesy in the end.
1. The moment I wake up
2. Breathing in the salty air at the Sea.

3. Finishing a great book.

4. Laying on a meadow and listening to singing birds.

5. Walking/Hiking through the woods.

6. Seeing somebody genuinely happy when they see me.

7. Smiling at someone, even if it's a stranger, and getting a smile back.

8. Being hugged tight/hugging someone tight.

9. Eating pizza.

10. Feeling well rested.

11. Giving someone a present they're truly amazed about.

12. Feeling the sun warm my skin.

13. Capturing someone's natural laugh with my camera when they're not aware of being photographed.

14. Listening to someone's heartbeat, preferably that someone being an important person in my life. There's nothing that calms me down as much asknowing that warm body so close to me is alive and breathing (Is that weird?).

15.  Sleeping in/waking up next to the person I love.

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