Explore: A Little Frankfurt Getaway

A few weeks ago I took the last chance to visit a good friend in Frankfurt before he'd go away for University, so I packed my bags and hopped on a train. Unfortunately, I missed my connecting train due to a huge delay (because for some reason, drunk people enjoy walking on tracks), but I caught the following one, after I had to let my ticket be transferred to another train. Anxiety-wise, this showed me how far I've come in the past year. Had there been any trouble on the way, twelve months ago I would have taken the next train back home without wasting any thoughts on alternatives. I was so proud that I felt fine during the whole journey. And I still am. Because I had a blast in Frankfurt and I wouldn't have wanted to miss the experience.

I did take my camera with me - in case I would panic so that I'd have had something to focus on - but I felt like it was more important to take everything in without looking through a lens once. I felt like I had to cherish every moment, every happy thought without anxiety. Because honestly - this has been my first anxiety-free trip in months, if not years. I took plenty of snaps with my phone camera though and uploaded them on Instagram. I'll let them tell you the story!